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About Us

Better M.A.D.E. founders have experiences in various productions’ sectors. Over the years they had the opportunity to see products "well" made that in fact need to be rethought. These products were not actually inadequate, imprecise or poorly realized. But they were often not consistent with the market or the conditions of the company that proposed them. Better M.A.D.E. aims to assist the client in the search for this consistency.

Our Mission

> Find out the most appropriate production processes

> Search for suppliers

> Negotiation of costs

> Intermediation on international basis

> Quality Control

> Production Launch

What do we offer

The same component, whatever it is, can be realized with different industrial processes. Better M.A.D.E. helps to find the most appropriate technology for the realization of the single component based on various parameters such as: quantity, variability, tolerances, proximity to the market, materials, investments.

Our Business Scope

> Italy

> Europe

> China

> Taiwan

Projects 2018

Better Made Srls: Via Senzanome 10, 40132, Bologna PI e CF 03676241205 info@bettermade.it